“Our teenage daughter started working with a therapist from David Hoy and Associates when she seemed depressed and would not talk to her mother or myself about what was going on. Her therapist was able to join with my daughter when they met, and also had mom and myself involved in some sessions. This was very helpful during a rough year in her life. We all learned to communicate better. Having someone to share her feelings and bring us closer was great for my little girl.” 

- Parent of teen client

“When I walk into the office the long-time receptionist is both warm and welcoming.  She always makes me feel comfortable and relaxed – ready to take on whatever issues I need to address with my psychologist.”

- Client

EMDR has literally transformed my life. I now feel totally free from all past trauma after a lifetime of being tortured by it in spite of years of traditional therapy and trying every kind of self-help. I also experienced immediate and lasting relief from lifelong neck pain from one EMDR session. If you’ve tried everything else, or are just beginning your healing journey, EMDR is the most powerful and complete approach to healing I know of and have experienced; very simple and easy, but amazingly powerful. One other thing I would add is that EMDR has helped me resolve fear and anxiety in the present and opened up a future that seems more positive and hopeful. EMDR gets you out of your thoughts and inside the stored trauma and distortions and neutralizes them.

- EMDR Client

I came to work at David Hoy & Associates (DHA) one year ago and immediately noticed the positive and supportive work environment. The environment is conducive to professional growth. As I work toward licensure, I am continually fostered and developed to learn and grow professionally as a Marriage and Family Therapist. The top administrative staff is accessible to help with any question or concern. That has been my experience and I feel blessed to be a part of this organization.

- Staff Member

I refer my clients to David Hoy & Associates because I believe they hire quality staff who genuinely care for the children and families they are assigned to work with.  They also have a way of making sure it’s a good fit between the child/family and worker.  The workers are supervised well.  They also have an Autism specialist that the workers can consult with. These workers do not give up very easy, and do their best to reach a child no matter how difficult they can be.

As a Children’s Mental Health Case Manager it is often very challenging to find professionals that are experienced in working with children and their parents and are convenient for parents to fit appointments into their busy work schedules.  David Hoy and Associates hires professionals in the Mental Health Field and meet with the child and parent in their home at a time convenient for them during the day, evening or even on weekends.  From the first phone call you make it is clear that the priority is all about the child and what is in their best interest.  They form a partnership with the parent and child with careful and thoughtful assessment of the child’s family history, medical history, current mental health treatment plan, educational services, and what the child does for fun.  The staff has required training through the agency and supervision by a licensed professional.   I keep going back to work with David Hoy and Associates because my clients make progress, parents like the ease and convenience of scheduling and I enjoy working with such highly qualified professionals.

- Referral Source