School Based Mental Health Services

David Hoy & Associates provides school-based counseling and skill building services to students, families and school staff.

Current services include:

One-to-one counseling

Classroom presentations

Teacher in-services

Peer education programs

Life skills trainings

Parent/teacher consultations

Family education

A wide variety of support groups.


Our workshops, training, and counseling services focus on mental and behavioral health interventions and strategies, increasing resiliency and reducing stress for children, families, and school staff.


Examples of services provided at Schools include the following:

Team building training for school staff

Back to school workshop for 8th graders focusing on strength and leadership skills, positive role modeling, conflict resolution, and ATOD refusal skills

Goodbye Day – a workshop for 8th graders addressing the transition from grade school to high school

Parent/teacher presentation on ADHD and other mental health issues in children and adolescents

Classroom trainings on bullying, homework completion, negotiation skills, and conflict resolution

Individual counseling for students

Individual counseling for students, including skill building in stress reduction, self esteem, anger management, assertive vs. aggressive communication styles, attention issues, family change, grief and loss, depression and anxiety, and coping strategies for students in chemically abusive/dependent families

Teacher consultations for classroom management, problem identification, psycho-education, and referral information

Consultation, planning, and referral services for parents

Attendance and participation at student conferences and/or other student meetings.

Crisis intervention and management

Provision of resources.

Counseling services can be funded by the school or through insurance billing, both private insurance and Medical Assistance. Other services can be funded through the school with Title 1 or Special Education dollars.

Please call our Clinical Director, MarDee Rosen Hall, M.A.,L.P., to inquire about our services or schedule a site visit: (763) 544-1006.

(763) 544-1006

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