Jeremiah Harris, MA

Life in all of its uniqueness finds a way to take us on a variety of different emotional, physical and even spiritual journeys. Some journeys that we feel as if we can manage on our own, and others that we may need assistance navigating.

Jeremiah brings a non-traditional but easily transferable background to the field of Mental Health Therapy. Holding roles varying from a former School Counselor, K-12 district administrator, admissions and higher education advocate, to a Senior Equity Officer, Jeremiah has witnessed the increasing need and desire for mental health support.

Over the last 12 years, Jeremiah has utilized his background in counseling to aid him in working to dismantle systemic inequities, which manifest disproportionally in the fields of education and health care.

Jeremiah hopes to combine his real life experiences, solution-focused and cognitive behavioral approach to those seeking support with addressing trauma, depression and grief. His specialty is ages 16+, but has experience working all ages.

Jeremiah Harris