Kristina Boylan- Vanhauer, MA, LMFT – Clinical Supervisor

Kristina is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with 15 years of experience providing systems based therapy. Her passion is helping children, adolescents, teenagers and adults manage the problems and stressors that come with having a variety of neuro-diverse diagnoses, such as, ASD, ADHD and Anxiety. Kristina believes in collaborating with the client’s support system, to help them achieve the highest level of wellness. She works with families to teach relationship skills and build awareness of how a family can work together to support each other’s emotional wellbeing. Her goal is to help clients of all ages increase their self-awareness, decrease social anxiety, realize and achieve personal goals. As well as providing therapy for client’s and their families, Kristina supervises a team of interns who are dedicated to learning and committed to becoming quality professionals in the field of mental health. Kristina uses her passion, intensity, and humor to connect with clients of all ages. Kristina has previously worked with her therapy dog Sully. He is now retired and enjoying his days on his couch at home instead of the one in her office.