David Hoy


How to Cool Your Teenager’s Limbic Lava

March 7, 2017

When are you finally going to use that brain of yours? Think before you speak! Think before you act! Parenting teens can be very frustrating. Your children may not fully appreciate you now, but if you hang in there, they will in the end. I certainly appreciate mine for not yelling too loud after staying at the ice rink so long that I froze my toes; or the day I took a dare to immerse…

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Teen Suicide; Helping our Surviving Children

March 3, 2017

I was recently tasked to provide psycho-educational support to a high school that experienced a teen suicide. Three months prior, as a parent with a high school teenager, my community experienced a tragic teen suicide. Most of us have been touched by teen suicide in one way or another and we all grieve when children in our communities decide to take their life.  Our children’s sense of security can be threatened when they lose a…

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Unintended Consequences of Yelling at Your Teenager

December 8, 2016

I recently facilitated a counseling session with a couple who pushed back when I advised them against yelling at their 13 year old son. They informed me that they had been to a previous therapist who told them that they needed to “match” his energy when he misbehaves. I related some personal experiences of yelling at my son when he was 14. I was frustrated with some new (teen) behaviors he was exhibiting. As a…

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Teen Depression

February 20, 2015

Statistics show that Teen Depression is a common problem: About 20 percent of teens will experience depression symptoms before they reach adulthood Between 10 to 15 percent of teenagers have some symptoms of depression symptoms at any one time About 5 percent of teens are suffering from major depression at any one time As many as 8.3 percent of teens suffer from depression symptoms for at least a year at a time, compared to about…

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Top Ten Reasons to Hire a Counselor

June 11, 2012

Talking to a counselor is not just for the hard times in life! Here are ten good reasons to talk to a counselor ANY time.

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Anxiety Checklist – Anxiety Symptoms and Warning Signs

June 9, 2012

How do you know if you or someone you know is suffering from anxiety? Here is a checklist that will help you identify some common symptoms.

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Depression Checklist

June 9, 2012

How do you know if you or someone you love is struggling with depression or anxiety? Here is a checklist of symptoms that you should look for.

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